Foreplay and Flirtation

New to digital intimacy? A virtual foreplay encounter may be just the thing to get you all warmed up and comfortable with visual exploration. This slow, seductive experience is the perfect way to treat yourself to some ‘you’ time, and prioritize your sexual interests.

Here’s just a few ideas for our time together:

    EnJOI yourself:

    • Let me murmur to you in your ear, telling you exactly how I’d like for you to touch yourself. This soft spoken sexuality can be a tremendous turn on to those that are aroused by being told what to do, and enjoy the idea of being told how to do it. Let your pleasure become our mutual pleasure while I instruct you on exactly where and how to enjoy yourself.

    Bubble Bath:

    • Let me draw a nice, steamy bath full of bubbles, and slide in to join you for some visual flirtation, teasing, and touching. I’ll bring my glass of champagne, and perhaps a water-proof toy to tantalize you with!

    Fashion Show:

    • I own a vast collection of lingerie- from babydolls to garters and thigh highs, I’ve got a selection that will make any lingerie love drool. Are hells your thing? Let me model off my selection for you- showing you my tiny, petite size 4 feet. I’ll get dressed…and undressed…and redressed, all for your viewing pleasure. What would you like me to wear for you, darling?

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