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The Girlfriend Experience, also known as GFE, is my favorite type of party! For me, GFE is about connection, intimacy, friendship, and creating a deep connection. GFE with me includes kissing, touching, caressing, and close physical contact. It’s also about a mental connection – I want to take the time to get to know you, inside and out. GFE can be added to any other service, and is available to anyone seeking something extra special. Virgins, Older Gentlemen, Couples, Women, and Men of all ages enjoy GFE encounters.

Why GFE with Alice?
I am an expert in delivering a high-quality GFE encounter because I am genuinely interested in getting to know you! I am genuine, sincere, and passionate. These three things combine naturally for me, and will give you a romantic date unlike any you have previously encountered. Our date begins long before you arrive at the ranch. Because of the intimate nature of GFE, it’s important to me that we take the time to get to know each other. Once you have a confirmed date with a deposit, we are free to text or email back and forth on a regular basis leading up to our encounter!

​I am the #1 GFE Provider – as the #1 Provider of the Year I have shown myself to be dependable, reliable, and incredibly talented at what I do. I am also a long-term lady, so you can feel safe in developing a long-term relationship with me because I will continue to be there for you, month after month, and year after year. I’m a Carson City local who is always available on short notice!


Together we will plan out our romantic encounter so that we are both pleased with the end result. Things don’t end after your visit either. The connection continues between each visit so that our friendship can develop and blossom into something beautiful and unique. This is something no other lady offers in the same way that I do, because the connection is real and genuine. I treasure the bond I have with my GFE clients and always look forward to seeing them.

If you want the lady of your dreams curled up in your arms, GFE is the perfect option for you. GFE is for anyone, male or female, that is looking for a truly intimate encounter. You’ll experience me on all levels. Think of me as your perfect fairy-tale girl! With this option, I’m all yours. 110% of my attention and affection is focused on you.

Examples of Girlfriend Experience Dates

Dinner & Dancing:

  • Option #1: We can explore the Dancing Dixie Dinner Cruise in Lake Tahoe. It’s a three hour sunset dinner cruise in scenic Lake Tahoe. Everything we could want is right there, including the most incredible scenery one could hope for.
  • Option #2: Perhaps you are more private- let’s have dinner in one of the luxury suites at the Peppermill! I can arrange for our meal to be catered into our room, so we can have even more one-on-one time to cherish. I’ll bring my music, you bring your dancing shoes.

A Walk to Remember:

  • Option #1: Going out for a walk is the perfect way to begin our date. We can stop at Starbucks and indulge in something warm, then take to the great outdoors hand in hand! It’s such a casual and relaxed way to get to know each other better, and build chemistry between us. There are dozens of different parks & trails for us to explore together in Carson City, Reno, and Tahoe!
  • Option #2: Did you know that Nevada is home to a number of abandoned mining towns? One of my many interests is the history of the state. We could go experience the way things were first hand. I think it would be fun to even get all dressed up and wear some period-style clothing. Of course, there’s no better place for a bit of Outdoor Sex than a Ghost town!


  • I have always been enamored with the nights sky. From reading astronomy books to staying up late to watch the perseides, I feel very called by the moon and the stars. I have a fantasy- now possible at my new home here at the Bunny Ranch! I desire to have you join me for a memorable evening under the stars, naked in our outdoor Jacuzzi. We can cuddle up together and share a drink, leaning back and watching all the world above our heads.

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