Overnight Rendezvous

Overnight Encounters are my favorite! The extra time together really helps to establish intimacy, without us feeling rushed or limited in our time together! Overnights can be any length of time from 6 hours to 14 hours in length. Some choose to add an overnight to their out date, so we can not only enjoy the day together, but also the evening and night! Overnights are the perfect chance to explore some of your fantasies – Sexploration, sex with two ladies, role play, or perhaps just an incredible night long GFE!


Imagine a picturesque night together, spend lovingly in each others arms.
A warm embrace, with thoughtful conversation, intimacy, desire, and tender love making.
A kiss on the lips/fingers brushing down the side of your neck softly, a soft voice murmuring in pleasure and delight.
An entire night together, hours of creating memories and exploring each others bodies.
The perfect romance for an unforgettable evening

Each overnight is unique and customized to suit your person desires. The following examples are just some of the wonderful things we can experience together- the possibilities are endless! Please be sure to contact me so we can begin planning our overnight encounter together.

Dinner for Two

Candles lit, with fresh flowers on the table. Perhaps red wine, with a side of incredible companionship and company. Connecting, talking, bonding- getting to know each other intimately before we ever take off our clothes. The anticipation building throughout the meal for what is to come. ​

A Romantic Hotel Room

A spacious room, all of our own to set the stage for the passion filled night that is to come. The bed freshly made, waiting for us to begin

exploring each other. The intimacy is thick in the air- desire for touch clinging to us both. A soft kiss, then a deeper one- clothing removed piece by piece. Mutual pleasure and enjoyment that cannot be properly put into words, and is best experienced. Connection on the deepest, most intimate level. ​

Luxury Jacuzzi

Wonderfully warm water to caress our naked bodies while we cuddle up and enjoy the afterglow of our love making, to melt away any of the remaining stress or tension you normally carry with you. Sheer bliss. Pure relaxation.

Restful Sleep

Curled up in each others arms, cuddling, our limbs intertwined together as we rest and relax, closing our eyes and letting our minds drift to sleep. There is no greater pleasure then getting to spend the night in the arms of someone you’ve just connected with – it’s a simply magical experience.

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