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Here at Bunny Ranch, one of my favorite things to do is dress up and delve into a fantasy! I have a number of different outfits and costumes available, plus you can always bring something with you for me to wear! From School Girl to French Maid, I’m here to create a memorable fantasy for both of us. Have a special costume or role playing request? Contact me and we can arrange it!

Take a look at some of these ideas to get your creativity flowing.

School Girl

School Girl Role Play with Alice LittleWhat can I do to earn extra credit with you? I have a super cute red and black school girl outfit I can get changed into for you. We can work together to have an awesome afternoon experience! You can be the Teacher, the Principal, or even a Sports Coach!

Cat Girl

Meow! Let me purr for you while I wear my cat ears and tail. This scenario is a lot of fun. Come be my Owner and give this kitten some pets! I have some cat toys I can bring out for us to play with, not to mention many other fun toys we can play with as well!

French Maid

Let me don my black and white maid outfit, and help you with some tidying up around the house! There are so many things to clean and maintain, but I love my job. Can I start by taking good care of you? Tell me what to do next, and I’ll get to work right away!


Princess Role Play with Alice LittleI have a whole closet of beautiful, frilly dresses I’d love to wear for you! Let me become your beautiful princess that you can cuddle, play with, and keep all for yourself! I can also be your personal Doll, Lolita, or Baby Girl! Let me know what fantasy you desire. Just one email and I’m yours…

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Let's make your fantasy into reality! Please include any questions you have for me, along with what kind of an experience you're interested in. Can't wait to hear from you soon!

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