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While The Bunny Ranch is temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions on non-essential buisnesses, not all of my services will be available. Email me [email protected] if you have any questions.

There are many reasons to seek sexual therapy, whether you are currently working with a mental health professional or medical professional, or you simply want to start on your own journey of recovery, I am here to help! I offer full collaboration with your therapist, doctor, or partner, at your discretion, while you undergo the process.

Planning a Therapeutic Visit can be more involved than simply booking an appointment. We should establish concrete goals for your visit and decide whether a single visit, a set regimen of visits with specific goals, or an indeterminate number of visits at intervals is more appropriate for your situation. Discussing these options on your first visit and in the time leading up to our appointment will make it much easier for me to assemble a package so you can get great value out of your time and money when we meet!

So what kinds of situations can a legal sex worker engaging in sexual therapy help you with?

Recovering from traumatic event, rape, molestation, or sexual harassment
Recovering from physical trauma, loss of limb, surgery, physical disfigurement
Recovering from emotional trauma, loss of spouse, isolation, long periods of involuntary celibacy and lack of physical and emotional intimacy

Rediscovering intimacy
Bedroom communication training
Safe exploration of comfort with trying an open relationship
Sexual training for overcoming physical issues and limitations

Ersatz Relationship:
Get to experience an intimate physical and emotional relationship when a person may not otherwise be able to have one with a neurotypical partner
Opportunity for those with no time in their lives to have a typical relationship to enjoy limerance as well as emotional and physical gratification without commitment or upkeep
For women, have an opportunity to explore sexual preference in a safe judgement free environment where things only progress at your own safe pace

Depending on your circumstances, it can be crucial to partner with a licensed therapist or medical professional. I am trained as an EMT (no current certification) and have lots of experience with disabilities, but I do not have the medical degrees to oversee your care personally; if your circumstances warrant an actual visit to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other type of medical doctor, be sure to seek their advice as part of our time together so you can get the biggest benefit from the experience.

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