Virtual Girlfriend Experience

Have you noticed yourself feeling withdrawn during this time of social distancing?
Experiencing loneliness, frustration, anxiety, and a lack of intimacy?
I’m here.

My name is Alice Little, and I’m your virtual girlfriend, here to connect with online, face to face, via webcam! Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be alone- instead, let’s make time for connection by taking advantage of modern technology. I can’t wait to have our first video date!

Here’s just a few ideas for our time together:

    Netflix & Chill:

    • Let’s take advantage of shared watching on Netflix, and have ourselves a movie marathon or series binge! You tell me- are we going to giggle at the Tiger King, or opt for Anime? I have a wide variety of interests when it comes to tv & movies- it would be my pleasure to suggest a personal favorite, or share something new with you!


    • No one likes to fall asleep alone- myself included. Let me virtually tuck you in! I’ll wear my pj’s, brew up some relaxing, warm chamomile tea, and even read you a bedtime story! I can stay on with you until you drift off and fall asleep, or instead part ways at ‘lights out’.

    Walk in the Park/Picnic Date:

    • Let’s go for a stroll- we can video chat via our cell phones, and enjoy some fresh air! Moving daily is so important- so we might as well make it fun! We can go for a morning walk, or an evening stroll, go out with the dogs, or even set up a picnic. Let’s take the time we have to slow down, breathe deep, and make pleasurable memories despite all the chaos in the world right now. In this space, there is only Us.

    Dinner Date:

    • Let’s plan  to ‘eat out’ together, or cook up something special and share each other’s company over webcam! We can talk about our hobbies, discuss the latest Netflix series, and focus on slowing life down and taking a deep breath. Tell me darling, what’s for dinner? (Breakfast & Lunch dates also available!)

    Drinks/Drinking Games:

    • No one like’s to drink alone- let’s set up some cocktails and have a delightful conversation over drinks! Wine, Whiskey, I’ve got a little bit of everything at my home bar so we can even play mixologist and invent something new to try! Perhaps you prefer drinking games- I know so many we can explore together! Have you ever wanted to play ‘Never have I ever’ with a sex worker? Game on! (Video game dates also available!)

    Work Out!:

    • While I’m no personal trainer, It would be my pleasure to keep you motivated during quarantine! Let’s set up a fun at-home work out using items you have available, and I’ll join you for a personal sweat session! Having a partner to help keep you accountable for working out makes a huge difference, especially when you’re working out from home. I’m offering weekly as well as monthly work out packages for those interested in ongoing sessions!

    Contact me to book your Virtual GFE now! [email protected]


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