With each new invention comes the universal query: can I use this to improve my sex life? And such is the case with virtual reality sex. Virtual reality technology has been around for a while, but its sexual applications are only recently being discovered—and enjoyed.

Confusion and misinformation surrounding sex in regular, everyday reality has led to the birth of countless books, seminars, and sex professionals (like me!) who dedicate their career to helping people understand and advocate for their own sexual pleasure. But what about virtual reality sex? Well, as it turns out, I have some knowledge to drop about that, too. So, let’s talk about why virtual reality sex is such a cool idea, and how it could help you explore new and different avenues of your sexuality.

What Exactly Are Virtual Reality Sex and Virtual Reality Porn?

Virtual reality is the newfangled technology where you wear a headset of sorts (I use an Oculus Rift!) and are transported into a 3-D, digital reality. What’s so cool about this is that it removes many layers of limitations that regular sex has. You don’t just have to consider people who, in real life, would be interested, willing, and enthusiastic about having sex with you, as you would during partnered sex. You don’t just have to consider your typical sexual interests that are limited by low budgets and human actors, as you would when watching porn. You can come up with something utterly intriguing and original that would otherwise be inconceivable to see to fruition.

Virtual reality porn is like porn minus the television or computer screen that separates you from your fantasy. Without that boundary, porn can feel more natural to connect with psychologically and even bodily. It’s immersion rather than diversion, participation rather than observation—and that’s a pretty significant upgrade. You don’t just see and hear the subjects of your favorite porn doing their thing, you are in the setting, on the furniture, experiencing the pleasure with them. It is a simulation that essentially feels real.

How Can I Have Virtual Reality Sex?

All you need in order to experience virtual reality porn is your headset of choice, a porn player, and some lube! VorpX and BadoinkVR are some options that play pornography on virtual reality headsets—because, remember, most platforms do not allow porn, so you’ll need one that specifically does. Most of the porn sites will require some form of monthly or annual subscription, which is good. With porn, as with everything else, you get what you pay for. Also, it’s a great reminder that sex work is work and deserves fair compensation! However, all of this costs money: the headset can be quite expensive, the porn subscription, etc.

If you aren’t sure the whole tech setup is worth the investment, you can always give it a trial run with me at the BunnyRanch. Or, for others who have a specific, bucket-list type of fantasy, I can help you create that reality. If you’ve always wanted a hentai experience, a sexy alien invasion, or sex with a favorite porn star or celebrity, those fantasies are all very doable with this new technology. We can create the ideal sexual experience that you’ve always longed for, together. And it will feel all the more real with a human partner rather than a wifi-compatible sex toy.

To get started, you would let me know if there is a specific virtual reality porn flick that you would like to experience with me. I can help make the experience unforgettable. If you don’t have a favorite VR porn, you could choose an exotic locale where we have sex. I’ll be watching what’s happening on-screen, and you’ll be fully immersed in the action. In some cases, I’ll mimic the porn stars’ actions to give you the full treatment. In some cases, we’ll just be making the impossible possible. Like, we could have sex at the top of the Eiffel tower. Or we could have sex in another public location, in the middle of a beautiful nature scene, or more.

Why Is Virtual Reality Sex So Revolutionary?

With virtual reality, people can make fantasies come true that they never before dreamed were a possibility. And likewise, virtual reality can solve other sex problems that many people suffer from. If you have anxiety-based erectile dysfunction or general performance anxiety, feeling like you are not entirely yourself can be beneficial. Many folks with ED can use virtual reality to get some distance from their anxiety issues when using a virtual reality headset.

Let’s Get Virtual, Virtual

If virtual reality sex sounds interesting to you, send me an email, and I can help you plan your visit. You can always reach me at [email protected] or right here.