As a sex educator, if someone wants to know how to better their sex life, I have an array of options that I can offer them. For some people, it may take trying some new positions to increase their pleasure as a couple. Others may just need to elevate their communication skills. And some of my clients even come in for sex therapy experiences. But without knowing your specific background in advance, one of the most foolproof ways to transform your sex life is taking up Pilates. So, below, I’ve detailed precisely how Pilates can enhance your sex life, not to mention why I’m such a devotee.

1: Pilates Will Help Tighten Up Your Pelvic Floor

The pelvic floor is a regrettably neglected spot when it comes to exercise. Have you ever heard of anyone going to the gym to tone their pelvic floor? What about someone who started a new exercise routine because they wanted a ripped pelvic floor? Odds are, probably not. But, if more people understood the direct connection between a strong, healthy pelvic floor and sexual satisfaction, you’d hear those phrases a lot more.

Your pelvic bowl is an essential component of your sexual health. Let’s put it this way: if your sexual gratification is Hogwarts, your pelvic bowl is the Keeper of Keys. Rehabilitating the muscles in your pelvic bowl, which can be degraded due to lack of use, childbirth, or injury, can intensify your sexual sensations and your orgasms. The muscles you work when doing Pilates are the same muscles you work during Kegel exercises. But as an added bonus, Pilates can open up your pelvic area and loosen tight muscles that cause pain or limit motion. Want better orgasms? Try Pilates.

2: Pilates Will Increase Your Flexibility

When you increase your flexibility and ability to balance, a whole new world of sex positions opens up for you. And some of the trickier configurations can be a lot of fun! The enemy of good sex is a dull routine, and the flexibility that you gain by practicing Pilates ensures that you don’t have to stick to your regular sex positions. Go ahead: act out the whole Kama Sutra and then pick your absolute favorites. Why not?

Pilates incorporates stretching, which helps maintain and improve flexibility. And stretching is not only good for your physical fitness, but it can improve your sex life, too. In fact, I stretch before each and every appointment I have with a client, due to the physical demands of my job.

3: Pilates Will Build Your Endurance

Whether you want the ability to stay in a particular position longer or to have more energy to put toward sex, Pilates can help you out. Endurance is a vital component of a fulfilling sex life because it encompasses both physical and mental conditions. Endurance is physical aptitude plus patience plus resilience, and you can bet that equation adds up to a formidable sex partner.

When you practice Pilates, you learn that oftentimes, your mind will tell you to quit before your body does. If you can challenge your limits physically and mentally, your sex life will most certainly benefit as well. Who couldn’t benefit from a bit more stamina?

4: Pilates Can Give You Better Muscle Tone

Muscle tone is essential for sex—and not just your Kegel muscle group. After all, that’s not the only muscle group you’re using. Your arms are often used for stability or support, your abdominal muscles are crucial for thrusting, neck muscles are important for oral sex (depending on your positioning), and your legs are often the push-off point for the rest of your body. The stronger you are, the more natural and accessible many aspects of sex will become.

5: Exercise is a Mood Booster

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and really great sex is your brain. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, low mood, or poor self-esteem, exercise (in addition to therapy) can really help you find your desire again. Plus, the exercise you do in Pilates can actually help increase your overall energy, which may be the boost your sex life needs. Another mood booster? Masturbation. Exercise and orgasms go hand in hand with improved mental health.

6: Pilates Is Accessible

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates, who called his exercise “Contrology” because of the muscle control it helps you develop. For folks who suffer from arthritis, the movements can improve stiffness. Pilates has been shown to help with lower back pain. Further, Pilates exercises improve form and posture, and they are low impact, so they are gentle for people who have injuries. Plus, in older adults, the risk of falling increases dramatically, as do the repercussions suffered when a fall takes place. Pilates helps to improve core strength, and more core strength is correlated with a reduced risk of falling. Not only could Pilates save your sex life—but the older you get, it may actually add years to your life, too. Pilates is great because it is accessible to people of all ages and to those who have specific injuries or disabilities.

7: Pilates Increases Mindfulness and Focus

Since Pilates doesn’t involve a lot of cardio, the focus of the workout is on slow, controlled movements. When you do a Pilates workout correctly, your whole brain must focus on your breath and your body. It’s a great way to get out of your head and reconnect with your body.

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