Pilates workouts are great for your sex life. They get your blood pumping, improve your confidence, and enhance your balance—all of which come in handy whenever you’re getting intimate. The original core principles of Pilates are concentration, control, center, flow, precision, and breathing. Those principles basically boil down to slowing down and focusing all of your energy on your movements. That kind of mindfulness can add some serious heat to the bedroom. Sexier yet is that practicing the basic Pilates moves can set you up to use your newfound flexibility to try out some very pleasurable angles during sex.

In fact, if you’ve ever read the Kama Sutra, some of the sex positions look like they were ripped from an erotic version of a Pilates-for-two manual. While it’s no secret that starting a Pilates routine can improve your physical health as well as your sex life, some of the Pilates exercises translate very well into sex positions. Below are some of my favorite Pilates-inspired sex positions!

Splitting the Bamboo

Splitting the bamboo is a stimulating position for sex, as well as a position that I frequently practice in Pilates. To get a good mental picture of the move, check out my photo above, and then picture a male partner or a female with a strap-on kneeling across my lower leg and entering me while my upper leg caresses their torso.

This position is super hot for a couple of reasons. For one, it allows the man deep penetration, which will feel amazing to both of us. I also really like that we can maintain eye contact throughout—it ups the intimacy factor. Also, my hands are free to touch or rub you wherever it feels best, or we could even incorporate a toy and try something new together!


The Bandoleer is another Pilates-inspired sex position, or perhaps it was the other way around. Maybe Joseph Pilates was sifting through the Kama Sutra when he put together some of these exercises! The Bandoleer is similar to the above photo, where my sex partner would kneel facing me, use my legs for support, and enter me. This position is another that allows for penetration of hidden depths, lots of eye contact, plus my hands are free to roam where they want to. All in all, I highly recommend this as both a Pilates move and a sex position.

The Eagle

You guessed it; this position is where I’m spread-eagled. To give you a more accurate picture, the Eagle is a bit like the photo above, if my legs were pointing up more. My sex partner would be kneeling and facing me, holding onto my legs for stability. It’s a lot like the bandoleer, but it takes quite a bit more flexibility and stamina to keep my legs in a vee for a significant amount of time. The angle is very sexy and pleasurable for the receiving partner, and again, it’s an excellent position for looking into each other’s eyes and using my hands to touch myself while you watch, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Doggy Style

I like it ruff; do you? Okay, puns aside, doggy style is a phenomenal position. First of all, the view is different and quite lovely, specifically for the person doing the penetrating. Second, the angle allows lots of friction up against the G-spot, which is super sensitive and increases your partner’s arousal. And this position also allows for a sensation of intense fullness for the person being penetrated. Eye contact isn’t easy in this position (unless we’re in front of a mirror), but it is a perfect position for lengthy lovemaking since it’s typically pretty comfortable unless you’ve suffered a knee injury. This position leaves your hands free, so you can touch me to help bring me over the edge. Want to practice your spanking skills? This is the perfect position to add some bondage into the mix.

The Perch

Modifying the Perch is a fun way to change it up. This is a position where we could incorporate a balance ball into our sexual experience. If you were doing the penetrating, you’d sit on the ball. I’d sit on your lap, facing away from you, and you would bounce gently on the ball to thrust. With our heads so close together, we could kiss each other affectionately or whisper sweet (or naughty!) nothings into each other’s ears. The choice is yours.

Another great way to use a balance ball during sex: I lie with my back on the balance ball, and you kneel in front of me for oral sex. The reverse works as well, but it’s especially great for giving women oral sex. Once we’re finished with these positions, we’ll definitely feel like we got our workout in for the day!

Curious About Trying These Positions?

I love incorporating fitness into sex, and I’m happy to show you the ropes! Email me at [email protected] or contact me here, and we can plan your trip to the BunnyRanch where we can practice these positions together.