Yoga is not just exercise—it’s a well-known, time-honored aphrodisiac. There is something about it that just gets you in the mood. Perhaps yoga is just naturally erotic. Moving your body rhythmically and conscientiously, focusing on each slow movement and how good it feels—so many components of yoga relate directly to sex, and specifically sex positions.

If you have ever taken a hot yoga class at a studio, you know that almost immediately, everyone is dripping in sweat and breathing loudly (this is called ujjayi breath). The yoga instructor will likely recommend relaxing poses with the option to increase intensity. Also, there’s the fact that skimpily dressed folks are all moving in sync in a confined space. These factors add up to a very sexy exercise experience, and even science backs up the many ways that yoga can improve your sexual function.

Additionally, yoga can quiet the anxiety that may invade your thoughts and perhaps even distract you from your own desire. Calming your brain is one of the best ways to make sure you are ready for sex. Regular yoga practice can help you connect your mind to your body through breath and purpose. A good mind-body connection is also essential during sex.

You may already know that I think physical wellness and sexual wellness are contingent upon each other. Sex and yoga are such a natural pair that I’ve listed my favorite yoga-inspired sex positions below. Pick your favorite, and let’s try it out! If you can’t decide, we’ll just make sure we have enough time to try them all.

Yoga Sex Position #1: Cat-Cow Meets Doggy Style

Yes, it sounds a little bit like a farm, but after all, I conduct my business on a ranch! But if you’ve done cat-cow during yoga, you know that it provides a delightful spine lengthening sensation that does away with those creaks and cracks that come from a sedentary day.

Yoga Sex Position #2: Bound Angle Pose Meets The Toad

Bound angle is a pose done oftentimes toward the end of a yoga session that helps stretch out the thighs and relax the mind. Picture bound angle pose like this: the person getting penetrated lies on their back, feet together to form a triangle, knees spread wide. During the Toad position from the Kama Sutra, the penetrating partner sits amidst the lying person’s legs, and the legs kind of form a clasp around their torso.

Yoga Sex Position #3: Bridge Pose Meets the Double Decker

Bridge pose is great for those with tight hip flexors, which is to say it’s great for just about everyone. To do bridge pose, the person being penetrated would lie on their back, feet flat against the ground with knees straight up in the air. Then, they push their “sitz bones” as they are called in yoga (your booty) up off of the ground. For the double decker, the penetrating partner would lie underneath. The partner on top then uses their feet to push up and down.

Yoga Sex Position #4: Downward Dog Meets the Fan

Downward dog is a common yoga position that can help stretch out your hamstrings. It also gives you a different perspective since your head hangs upside down. The Fan is like downward dog, but with the partner in the front leaning on something higher in order to reach the ideal angle. It’s great to do on some supportive furniture (like a sex sofa!) so that the partner being penetrated has something to lean on. It’s a fantastic position for trying anal sex, too.

Yoga Position #5: Plow Pose Meets the Shoulder Holder

Plow pose is a pose done towards the end of a yoga session when your body is nice and warmed up and ready for a challenge. In order to do plow pose, you would lie on your back and then raise your legs over your head all the way until they nearly touch the floor. In the shoulder holder, the partner resting on the ground has their legs up, but not all the way over their heads, which provides the perfect angle for both depth and comfort.

So, as you can see in my top five favorite yoga poses that double as sex positions above, we have a lot of room for experimentation if you are flexible. Using a sex sofa for extra support or to modify the positions is always an option, too. So, why don’t we turn up the heat and schedule a yoga session together, and find out what our favorite positions are?

Book a Yoga Sex Experience With Me Hopefully, the positions above have stimulated the sensual side of your creativity. If you’d like to try out some of these positions with me, contact me here or shoot me an email at [email protected] today!