Sex Education for Couples: Positions for Him

Don’t let the sex positions you use during sex get boring! Switch it up with some positions that bring men the most pleasure, and get out of that dull routine. Let’s run down these sex positions, countdown style. Think of it as a mini kama-sutra, perfect for people with male partners who want to increase their sexual pleasure.

Sex Education for Couples: Positions for Her

When it comes to the G-spot, during intercourse, either you’re hitting it or you’re missing it. If you have a partner with a G-spot, positioning yourself to increase their pleasure is of utmost importance. All the positions below maximize that sensual feeling of depth and fullness for the woman or whoever is being penetrated. When I teach sex education to couples, demonstrating these positions is one of the most helpful lessons for those who want to increase the frequency of their partner’s orgasm. Now, it’s important to mention before getting started that not all women can reach orgasm from G-spot stimulation, but if your partner can, you’ll want to use the positions and tips below to give her an experience unforgettable sexual indulgence.

Sex Education for Couples: Sexual Communication Skills

My job as a sex worker encompasses a lot more than many people assume it does at first glance. Sex education for couples, sex therapy, and creating communication, intimacy, and connection—whether in the bedroom or out on the town for a date—is a massive part of my responsibility. These experiences are some of my favorites to share with clients because they not only make for an utterly enlightening day, they can transform the way they experience sex for the rest of their lives.

Your Lucky Charm: Fun Date Ideas for A Night at the Casinos

Gambling is nearly as old of a pastime as sex work, and I happen to live in a state where both are legal. The bright lights, potential for magic, and good-natured risk-taking all make for a perfect date night idea. It can be a serious adrenaline rush – there’s nothing more exciting than knowing that our big win could come with the next roll of the dice. Gambling is especially fun for folks who are in the mood to blow off some steam, love the thrill of chance, and want to try something new. It can even appeal to strategic—dare I say nerdy—board game players who like to use their strategy skills to raise the stakes! So why don’t we take advantage of all the fun that’s in my neighborhood in one night? I can be your tour guide to some fun casinos around Nevada.

Sex Therapy: Designing a Great Therapeutic Experience

One of the unfortunate facts of life is that sexual experiences can wound people, very very deeply. As a legal sex worker, I’ve also learned that sexual experiences can heal, restore, and rejuvenate people who are looking for an experience that helps them grow. A big part of what I do is therapeutic—listening to and giving advice based on years of experience helps me allay my client’s fears or give them some relief from their past traumatic experiences. If you’d like to have a therapeutic experience with me, I have some tips on what to consider and how we can plan for the best possible use of our time together.

Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment, Cures, and Therapy

Porn-induced erectile dysfunction: what is it, and why is it so common? The name alone sounds like we’re about to embark on a shame-y, condemning journey, and the disorder even sounds a bit judgmental. But, there’s no one pious here who is anti-porn or sex-negative; porn, in moderation, can be a great thing for your sex life! It can increase your arousal in certain situations, but it can also cause problems. So, if you think you might be experiencing porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED), read on, and we’ll find some solutions together.

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