Let’s take a moment right now to get deep—and I don’t even mean in a sexual way. If you thought back to your first love, who would that be? Do you remember the last time you saw them? I’m hoping your answer is that you saw them today, in the mirror, because it’s crucial to be your own first love. If that doesn’t resonate with you, it might be time to reconnect with yourself. Yes, today, we’re going to talk about self-love, and I only partially mean that in a sexual way.

For a Minute There, I Lost Myself

We live in a super busy, churn and burn world that doesn’t currently put a lot of value in self-care. Slowly, people are realizing that they are not, in fact, machines, and they need to take time for themselves. Even machines need routine maintenance! Everyone deserves the chance to slow down once in a while, remember who they are, and reconnect with the person that they love first and foremost: themselves.

Do you know how you’ve heard those free-spirited nonconformists tell you to become one with yourself? Well, it’s not as simple as it sounds, but it is pretty essential to living a happy and fulfilled life. Being one with yourself is a very grounding experience; it gives you a stable foundation for all the experiences in your life. If you find that you’re utterly shaken when you get poor feedback from your boss, have a fight with your friend, or other adverse circumstances in your life arise, you could benefit from intimately re-connecting with yourself.

To Thine Own Self Be True

Here’s how you can tell if you’re in a period of disconnect from you who are:

  • You don’t value your own time
  • You aren’t sure what matters to you, or how to prioritize it
  • You feel unfulfilled, socially, romantically, spiritually, sexually, and occupationally
  • You can’t spend time being honest with yourself
  • You don’t reflect on mistakes as well as successes, without calling your own value into question
  • You don’t feel alive

Being connected with yourself is different from positive thinking. Positive thinking is helpful, sometimes. But being connected with yourself is pretty critical in any situation. When you disconnect, you’re mortgaging your own values in exchange for someone else’s—whether that’s your partner, boss, friend, mentor, parent, or whomever. This path leads to resentment, and resentment leads to a lot of wasted time. So, skip that! Take yourself seriously and treat yourself with the respect and kindness with which you treat everyone else.


How I Can Help

Oftentimes, people fail to learn how to love and connect with themselves intimately. It’s a skill, and it can be taught. If you can meet with me, I can help you talk through issues that preclude you from connecting with yourself. Frequently, these issues are shame, anxiety, depression, or memories that cause you to ruminate instead of moving forward. During this experience, I’ll teach you how to fall back in love with yourself, with your body, and show you how to make love to yourself through sensual touch. This service is very therapeutic, and bonus: we can customize it together, based on your needs.

Once we have an appointment set up and your deposit is in, we’ll start communicating. Let’s skip the pleasantries and jump in at the deep end, where we’ll make some real progress. When we text, you’ll be able to share with me your challenges thus far and skills you’d like to learn or try. Once we’ve spent time together, you’ll leave with so much more than just a sexual encounter. You’ll be reconnected to yourself intimately. You’ll have someone amazing in your corner, advocating for you, fighting for you, and siding with you. You deserve that.


Carrying a Torch for Yourself

Loving yourself and forging your own sexual identity are important components of adult life, but they’re certainly not easy. When you start to float away on a cloud of “workaholism” or “ no one cares” or “I don’t know who I am,” I’m here to guide you back home. And, the first step is embodiment. You have to remove yourself from your busy mind and bring your focus to your body. There’s just no better way to clear your head. And then you need to invite some stress relief into your life. What is better stress relief than an orgasm?

Rushing toward orgasm like you rush through any other task on your to-do list is not self-care. It’s just getting something over with. Masturbating for three minutes so you can fall asleep faster means you’re still treating yourself like an efficiency machine. Have you ever romanced yourself? When is the last time you tried something completely out of the ordinary when you were masturbating? You deserve to explore sexually, and that includes masturbation. Don’t treat yourself like the worst lay you’ve ever had. Take your time, try something new, and remember why you have earned this attentiveness.

Feeling Sexually Disconnected?

Let’s fix that. Email me at [email protected], and I’ll have you feeling better in no time.