For a lot of people in our culture, sex just isn’t happening. We’re in the midst of an adult virgin epidemic, with sexlessness on the rise, the age of average virginity loss creeping upward, and meeting someone special more difficult than ever. Take Japan, for instance. Almost half of their millennials are virgins! Some are virgins by choice, due to religion or wanting to save themselves for their soulmate. But a significant percentage of millennial virgins would like to lose their virginity but have not. Even the Japanese government has noticed, via census numbers that show a falling birth rate and a vast portion of Japanese citizens are over 65. This virginity epidemic is going to have quite an effect on the next generation’s population – or lack thereof.

The study of Japanese millennial virgins showed reasons for lingering virginity that ranged from a sluggish economy to increasingly equal wages between genders to entertainment being a more enticing option than sex. And in all likelihood, a combination of factors took hold in order for this epidemic to lay claim to an entire country. So, if you’re an adult virgin who wishes you had lost it, let’s take a look at the trend and discuss what can be done.

Why Is Adult Virginity a Growing Trend?

Japan isn’t alone in its statistics: Time recently published an article about how little sex Americans in particular are having. Remember: there is a difference between virginity and sexlessness. Virginity is loosely defined as a person having never had sexual intercourse before, and sexlessness is defined as not having sex for an extended time, a year or more. But both of these distressing categories are on the rise. And that’s not a good thing.

Part of the reason can indisputably be attributed to the gig economy. Many people work more than one job now, and many of those jobs are performed remotely. Put those together, and you have a recipe for someone never going to work happy hours, not having the spare time to chat up someone interesting at work, and being too stressed out even to notice sparks flying. As an adult, meeting partners at work is one of the primary ways our species gets together.

A lot of people have had to move back in with their parents to make enough money to survive. And having your mom just one loud moan away from being woken up and walking into your bedroom to see what the hell you’re doing? That’s not a turn-on. That’s a nightmare. So, it’s natural that virginity and sexlessness have risen among this demographic.

Further, technology has made remote work possible. While beneficial for your commute, it can be detrimental to your social life. Technology has also made a lot of remote things possible. For instance, a lot of us now “keep in touch” with our childhood friends through Facebook or other social media. But, the façade of keeping in touch with long-distance folks can often prevent people from having real-life encounters with humans, which is so necessary for our mental health and well-being.

The more we retreat inward to online communities and Internet-based relationships, the less time we have for in-person contact. And don’t get me wrong, online relationships are great! But, they’re not a substitute for human touch. Psychologists have a term for this physical loneliness, and it’s called skin hunger. No, it’s not a reference to Silence of the Lambs. And psychological studies that investigate the need for touch have ranked skin hunger a need as great as the need we have for food and water. It’s that important. It’s not an indulgence that would be nice to have; it’s a necessity.

What Can We Do About It?

In Japan, the government has started offering nude sketching classes so that men who have social anxiety around women can have real-life experience around a naked woman. It’s almost as if having real-life experience with a naked woman can help ease your anxiety and set you up for sexual success.

This is where professional, legal sex workers come in. We get to help solve the world’s virginity epidemic. When I talk about why I love my job, it’s because I provide so much more than sex. I get to foster communication, connection, and intimacy for those who need it most. A large part of my clientele are virgins, and I’m always so excited to be the chosen one to help give them a smooth entry into the world of partnered sexuality. Losing your virginity with a sex worker can be a great, healthy experience. Your anxiety will be lower since you can count on the fact that we are routinely tested for STIs and are legally mandated to practice safe sex. Plus, we get to expand your horizons with our vast background in sex education. We can help make your first time a truly positive experience and a lifelong memory.

This epidemic can be solved simply: by legalizing and therefore decriminalizing sex work across the US – so that those who need physical touch the most can purchase time with a companion. So, if you’re an adult virgin who would like to plan a date to lose your virginity, I’d love to help. Reach out to me here or at [email protected]