Why Adult Entertainment Creators Should be Wary of the AI Revolution

Why Adult Entertainment Creators Should be Wary of the AI Revolution

February 20, 2023 Advice
Revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technologies took the world by storm in the past year. The general public was introduced to tools like Dall•E 2, which allows for the creation of never-before-seen images simply by typing in a brief text prompt. ChatGPT, an interactive AI chatbot, can generate original haikus, novellas, or film scripts when prompted in a similar manner. Soon, we will be able to ask AI to produce videos, complete with computer-generated characters and settings, the content of which is limited only by our imagination and desires. And what we will desire more than anything is sex.

Why Adult Entertainment Creators Should be Wary of the AI Revolution

In the past, adult entertainers have overwhelmingly benefitted from advancements in technology. The porn industry actually drove the innovation of many web technologies that are widely used today, such as streaming video and online payment processing. As visual and communication technology advanced over the past decade, independent adult creators have been able to make a significant profit from adult content thanks to clip sharing and fan subscription services like ManyVids and OnlyFans, as well as other monetization options such as sexting platforms and cam girl sites. AI may be the next cutting-edge advancement that disrupts the porn industry, but this time it may not benefit performers.  

As an adult creator and sex worker, I’m aware that AI may have game-changing implications for the adult entertainment industry. The porn search engine of the future may not just point us in the direction of adult video content, but instantly create true-to-life content for us and tailor it to our specific tastes and fetishes. Additionally, we will be able to employ AI to create our personalized digital adult entertainer. AI's comprehensive language capabilities will allow us to interact with these ideal sex partners in real-time. If we integrate virtual reality and synchronizable sex toys with AI technology, we can potentially enjoy highly immersive faux-fornication with our programmable paramour, followed by deeply intimate and genuinely engaging conversation until dawn.  

This technology could soon be the top competition for adult industry giants like Pornhub and OnlyFans. Why search for your ideal video on Pornhub when AI can create it for you? Why follow an adult entertainer on OnlyFans when you can interact with a virtual companion that's tailor-made just for you?  

Adult entertainers have come a long way since the turn of the century. What was once an overtly sexist, male-dominated industry that often treated entertainers discourteously has evolved into a profession where female leadership is commonplace. More and more professional porn sets employ intimacy coordinators to ensure the comfortability of all actors, and platforms like OnlyFans allow adult creators to monetize their own content on their own terms. Adult performers have more agency and opportunity than ever before in the history of the industry.  

However, AI has no need for respect and is incapable of caring how it is treated. It won't fight for its rights because it has none. As AI programs emerge in the adult space, and AI imagery begins to replace human sex workers, corporations may come to the conclusion that worrying about the welfare of adult industry workers is a hassle. All of the strides sex workers have made in recent decades will be for naught as disrespect becomes the norm and human rights are no longer valued, because human entertainers are no longer a necessary requirement to generate revenue. It’s a bleak picture, but a possibility that must be addressed in my industry.  

Sex work is real work, and I’ve put a lot of time and genuine effort into my adult entertainment career. I’ve achieved a degree of success despite intense societal stigma in a highly competitive industry. Admittedly, I’m not thrilled with the possibility that sometime soon I can be replaced by AI. But I’m also not going to pretend that the threat doesn’t exist. Adult entertainers, not to mention customer service reps, copywriters, graphic artists, videomakers, and countless other professionals, do indeed face an uncertain future.   

It’s my hope, as AI invades every aspect of the professional world, that consumers will discover a newfound appreciation for actual human workers, including sex workers. Perhaps we’ll put a premium on authentic human interaction and acknowledge the years of work that go into an individual’s hard-earned career. Maybe, we won’t want to be conned by a lifeless program into thinking we’re interacting with something authentic. If given a choice between a real performer and an AI facsimile, the sex buyers of the not-too-distant future just might prefer the genuine article – if they could tell the difference.  

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